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Baltimore County launches snow plow status tracking app

TOWSON, MD—Baltimore County has launched a new tool to help residents stay on top of the weather.

During an active winter weather event, the new Snow Route Status application will display information regarding the salting/plowing status of snow routes in Baltimore County.

The status of each snow route is represented by the following:

Red – Salting and plowing not started

Yellow – Crews at work

Green – Operations complete

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Gray – No County salting or plowing service

Approximate plowing times vary by snowfall event, according to Baltimore County officials.

During a snowfall of less than 6 inches, they say it takes around 24 hours for crews to plow all Baltimore County roads. During a snowfall more than 6 inches, it takes 48 hours for crews to plow all county roads. During a very heavy snowfall, the plows will concentrate on clearing the main roads.

Baltimore County does not plow or salt state roads, private roads, or alleys.

Visit the new Snow Route Status app here for more information, and stay tuned to Baltimore County’s Stormfighter page during winter weather events.

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