Kmart in North Plaza Mall to close in early 2019

Big Kmart North Plaza MallOne of America’s biggest retail companies has announced plans to close more than 80 stores.

Sears/Kmart announced on Friday that they would be closing the affected locations by the end of March 2019.

One of the stores on the chopping block is the Kmart/Big-K located in North Plaza Mall in Carney.

Liquidation at these locations is expected to begin within the next two weeks.

Friday’s news comes as Sears, the 125-year-old iconic department store, and its Kmart chain, could be down to the final hours, according to CNBC.

WBAL-TV reports that Sears Holdings’ last chance at survival comes down to a possible $4.6 billion proposal by Chairman Eddie Lampert.

Lampert has a deadline of 4 p.m. on Friday, December 28, to submit a bid.

The Carney Kmart/Big-K that will be closing is located at 8980 Waltham Woods Road (21234).

For a full list of the stores that will be closed, click here.

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