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Councilman Marks receives award from land preservation group

David Marks Green Jacket AwardBaltimore County Councilman David Marks has received the Green Jacket Award from NeighborSpace of Baltimore County, a non-profit organization that protects green space in some of the jurisdiction’s most urbanized areas.

NeighborSpace of Baltimore County presented the award at a ceremony on Sunday, September 30, at Adelaide Bentley Park in east Towson.

Eight parks have advanced in the Fifth District since 2010, including two created in partnership with NeighborSpace: Adelaide Bentley Park and Ridgely Manor Park in the Loch Raven area.

Councilman Marks also passed legislation that created Neighborhood Commons zoning to protect undeveloped properties.

“I am honored to received this award from NeighborSpace of Baltimore County, which includes so many outstanding volunteers who have worked to protect our green spaces,” said Councilman Marks. “Open space enhances our communities, boosting property values and providing a peace of mind for all residents. I look forward to working with NeighborSpace to expand our green network in Baltimore County.”

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