Councilman Marks introduces legislation to improve transparency over settlements

Baltimore CountyBaltimore County Councilman David Marks has submitted legislation that will improve reporting and approval requirements when Baltimore County enters into legal settlements.

Bill 31-18 requires the County Attorney to provide the County Council with a list and description of significant litigation, which involves cases where the demand is more than $100,000, by December 31st of each year. The legislation also requires the County Attorney to notify the County Council when the County is about to enter into a settlement exceeding $100,000 or a consent decree or conciliation agreement that, as part of the settlement, requires legislative action by the County Council. The Council would have seven days to determine whether to bring the matter for a vote.

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“In recent years, the Kamenetz administration has entered into agreements with outside parties with little or no input from the County Council,” Councilman Marks said. “The affordable housing agreement, for example, commits the legislative branch and future members of the County Council to certain votes. I believe agreements of a certain magnitude should be clearly communicated to the Council and the public at large.”

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