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Nottingham man charged with illegal duck hunting

NOTTINGHAM, MD—The Maryland Natural Resources Police have charged five men with hunting waterfowl during the closed season.

On February 13, officers responded to Good Intent Road in Union Bridge in reference to a complaint about hunters shooting at ducks.

After investigating, police identified the men as Jeffrey Kreit Jr., 26, of White Hall; Brandon Kreit, 22, of Essex; Timothy McLaughlin, 25, of Nottingham; Tyler Mullinix, 22, of Westminster; and Khari Green, 22, of Baltimore.

At first, the group stated that they did not kill any ducks. However, officers observed found droplets in the snow.

They later discovered a Common Merganser, a sea duck, concealed under a pile of snow in the area where the group had been hunting.

All five men were charged with hunting waterfowl during a closed season, and McLaughlin received an additional citation for failing to possess and exhibit his hunting license.


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[Image via Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police]

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