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Councilman Marks: Seven Courts Citizens on Patrol to receive grant from police department

PERRY HALL, MD—Baltimore County Councilman David Marks on Wednesday announced that the Seven Courts Area Citizens on Patrol program will receive $1,835 in grant funding to erect signs, purchase equipment and vests, and hold a National Night Out.

The funding comes from the Community Crime Prevention and Youth Activity grant program.

“We will use this grant funding to erect signage throughout the community about the presence of the Citizens on Patrol program, as well as purchase equipment and other materials needed for our neighborhood watch program,” said Shawn King, president of the Seven Courts Area Citizens on Patrol.

In 18 months, the program has become one of the most engaged of its type in northeastern Baltimore County.

“I am so proud of the volunteers involved in Seven Courts,” said Councilman Marks. “As a resident, I definitely feel that their hands-on activities have made our community safer.”

The Cromwood-Coventry, Perring Park, and Ridgeleigh communities will also receive funding.

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