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Gunpowder Elementary principal, students dig up time capsule from 1995 [PHOTOS]

PERRY HALL, MD—It’s not every day that someone finds a real-life treasure map.

When Gunpowder Elementary School principal Wendy Cunningham came across a map leading to a time capsule buried in May, 1995 with instructions to retrieve it in May 2020, that’s exactly what she did.

Twenty-five years to the month after its burial, members of the fifth grade class of 1995 and Gunpowder Elementary faculty and friends dug up the capsule on Saturday, according to BCPS Board Member Julie Henn.

What did they find?  References to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?  Old baseball cards?

All that and more in the photos below.

[Images via BCPS Board of Education Member Julie Henn]

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