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Councilman Marks votes for nearly $100 budget million in cuts over 2 years

TOWSON, MD—At Friday morning’s meeting of the Baltimore County Council, Councilman David Marks voted to cut $59 million from the proposed Fiscal Year 2021 budget. Combined with his vote last year, Councilman Marks has supported cutting nearly $100 million from the budget over the past two years.

“This year, I supported nearly $60 million in cuts to bring our county budget into balance,” said Councilman Marks. “These are tough times, and county government must trim its budget like families and businesses.”

The budget adopted by the County Council includes a hiring freeze and reductions to agencies identified by the County Council’s auditors. The county negotiated changes to labor agreements, meaning that furloughs and layoffs are not expected.

While the budget is lean, it does contain the county’s share of building two new schools in northeastern Baltimore County, as well as an addition at Pine Grove Middle School.

Councilman Marks secured $400,000 to add parking at the Seven Oaks Senior Center; $1 million to continue repairs to the Little Gunpowder Falls; and $800,000 to construct a female locker room at the Fullerton fire station.

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Councilman Marks voted with his Republican colleagues to cut the property tax rate by a penny, but that motion was defeated. Councilman Marks also voted for a tax cut in 2018.

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