Bevins receiving death threats, Marks issues statement

UPDATE: The HOME Act has been signed into law.

Original story below…


NOTTINGHAM, MD—In the wake of this week’s passage of the HOME Act, Councilwoman Cathy Bevins has reportedly been receiving death threats.

Earlier this week, the Baltimore County Council passed the HOME Act, which will prevent landlords from discriminating against potential renters who use vouchers as a source of income.

The legislation, which was introduced by County Executive Johnny Olszewski, was passed with each council member voting along party lines, with four Democrats (including Bevins) in favor of the bill and three Republicans opposed.

Since then, Bevins has been receiving death threats and reportedly needed a police escort earlier this week.

On Wednesday, Councilman David Marks, a Republican, issued the following statement:

“I deplore and condemn any threat of physical violence against any elected official or citizen, particularly related to the discussion of a vote or public policy position.

“Some of the language used by both proponents and opponents during the recent debate over the HOME Act has been inflammatory. It has come from both sides. We can debate the merits of legislation without resorting to any of these tactics.”

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