Tornado Watch issued for Baltimore County

BALTIMORE, MD—The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Watch for Baltimore County.

The watch will remain in effect until midnight on Halloween night.

A Tornado Watch means that conditions are favorable for the development of tornadoes in and close to the watch area. Their size can vary depending on the weather situation. They are usually issued for a duration of 4 to 8 hours. They normally are issued well in advance of the actual occurrence of severe weather.

During the watch, residents should review tornado safety rules and be prepared to move to a place of safety if threatening weather approaches.

Tornado Safety:


  • Before
    Watch out for dark, rotating clouds.
    If you see one, take shelter immediately!
    Listen for a tornado siren.
    If you hear it, seek shelter immediately!
    Turn on your TV/radio.
    You’ll get the latest weather updates and emergency instructions.
    Avoid unnecessary car trips.
    You don’t want to be caught outside if a tornado comes.
    Bring in outdoor furniture and other items that could blow away.
    These may become a safety hazard.
  • During
    Take shelter immediately!
    Flying debris from high winds causes most injuries.
    Keep windows closed and stay away from them.
    Glass from broken windows can injure you.
    If you’re in a building, go to the basement or lowest floor.
    That’s the safest location.
    If you’re in a mobile home, go to the nearest building or storm shelter.
    Even if tied down, your home can’t protect you.
    If you’re driving, fasten your seatbelt and go to the nearest building for cover.
    You’re safer indoors.
    If your car gets hit by debris, stop, cover your head, and stay below the windows.
    You’re safer inside the car than outside.
    If you’re outside, lie down in a low, flat area and cover your head with your hands.
    You’re safer lying down than standing up.
  • After
    Avoid entering damaged buildings.
    Broken glass and exposed nails can injure you.
    Keep away from downed power lines and objects touching them.
    You can be electrocuted.
    Wear sturdy shoes, long sleeves, and gloves when walking through debris.
    Stepping on nails and glass can injure you.

Tornado Terminology

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