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Councilman Marks pens letter to BGE to address late-night noise plaguing Seven Courts residents

Road Work 1A slew of residents in the Seven Courts community in Carney/Perry Hall have, in recent days, complained of loud, late-night noises emanating from the Belair Road area.

In a popular Seven Courts Facebook group, local residents complain of loud hums, “electrical buzzing,” and being jarred awake in the middle of the night.

“And the 10:30 p.m. mechanical humming has commenced. Starts off sounding like a lawn mower,” wrote one poster on Wednesday night.

“Does anyone else hear what sounds like construction or a [redacted] jack hammer outside close by?” wrote another on Tuesday night.

“I think we all should call and complain about the roadwork last night,” wrote a second posted on Tuesday night. “How on earth did they get away with that?”

Councilman David Marks began to chime in on the issue on Thursday.

“I am receiving numerous complaints about the strange humming noise that has now been heard in the late evening in central Perry Hall,” Councilman Marks wrote on Facebook. “It may be related to utility work. I will let you know what I find out.”

While BGE has not commented on the issue, Councilman Marks on Friday shared the below letter he had sent to the utility company, requesting that the presumed road work and associated loud noise be wrapped up by 10 p.m.

Whether or not the letter resolves the issue has yet to be seen.

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