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Oak Crest honors the hearts of volunteers

Oak Crest Volunteer AppreciationOn Wednesday,  Oak Crest honored the hearts of its 650 resident volunteers at a celebratory brunch held at the Erickson Living retirement community.

During the ceremony, special recognition was bestowed upon recipients in the following categories:

Resident Volunteers of the Year: Presented to the Helping Hands, a group of 17 residents who provide companionship and friendship to their peers in the continuing care neighborhood of Oak Crest.

Student Volunteer of the Year: Presented to Regina Del Pilar of Catholic High School for her work with residents in the continuing care neighborhood where she shares her musical gifts of singing and playing the ukulele.

Guest Volunteer of the Year: Presented to Linda Hart, owner of Flower Expressions in Perry Hall, for creating a monthly program for Oak Crest residents interested in floral arrangement and design.

“’Oak Crest Volunteers ROCK!’ was this year’s theme,” described Dana Huntington-Smith, Volunteer Program Coordinator at Oak Crest. “They bring energy, enthusiasm and talent to every project in which they participate. As a result, thousands of lives are touched for the better, both at our campus and in the surrounding community. Today was a fun way of expressing our collective appreciation.”

Carrie Lurz, Programming Manager at Oak Crest, provided the keynote address. The musical duo of Gary Waugh and Kathy Scarborough provided entertainment, followed by a performance by Ms. Del Pilar.

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