Governor Hogan announces new senior leadership for MDH’s Public Health Administration

BALTIMORE, MD—Governor Larry Hogan on Thursday announced several key additional appointments to the Maryland Department of Health’s Public Health Administration. On Wednesday, the governor announced that Dr. Jinlene Chan will serve as Acting Deputy Secretary for Public Health, succeeding Fran Phillips, who is retiring. Phillips, who has held numerous leadership roles in public health over the years, has played a […]

Governor Hogan announces expanded statewide mask order, out-of-state travel advisory

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan on Wednesday announced, based on the state’s data-driven approach, the expansion of the statewide masking order and a public health advisory for all out-of-state travel. The governor also unveiled contact tracing data showing that family gatherings are the most common high-risk gathering and working outside the home is the most common high-risk location for COVID-19. A […]

MDH awarded $250,000 Pfizer Foundation grant to address decreases in childhood vaccinations during COVID-19 pandemic

Baltimore, MD—The Maryland Department of Health has been awarded a $250,000 grant from the Pfizer Foundation to address a steep decline in childhood vaccination rates statewide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant will be used for communications, outreach and vaccination clinics in areas showing the most significant declines. Childhood vaccinations across Maryland have fallen since the onset of COVID-19, […]

Governor Hogan announces additional steps to further expand COVID-19 testing for Marylanders

BALTIMORE, MD—As state health officials continue to call for caution and vigilance in the fight against COVID-19, Governor Larry Hogan on Thursday announced additional steps to further expand testing, including a new Maryland Department of Health directive instructing physicians to order a test for any individual who requests it, as well as additional testing site options. The governor also announced […]

Maryland Department of Health provides tips to help residents avoid heat-related illnesses

BALTIMORE, MD—With the start of summer on June 20, the Maryland Department of Health is reminding residents to follow safety tips and take precautions to avoid illnesses due to extreme heat. There are currently no heat-related deaths reported in the state. During the 2019 extreme heat season, Maryland had 21 heat-related deaths. “As temperatures rise, Marylanders are at a greater […]

More than 1,600 Maryland COVID-19 patients share recovery stories on CovidCONNECT website

BALTIMORE, MD—The Maryland Department of Health on Thursday today announced that more than 1,600 recovered COVID-19 patients have registered with CovidCONNECT, a new statewide online forum that offers resources and support. CovidCONNECT allows participants to share COVID recovery experiences and access mental health resources, information about new clinical trials, plasma donation opportunities, and virtual supports specific to those affected by […]

Governor Hogan announces launch of statewide contact tracing operation to support local health departments

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan on Thursday announced that Maryland’s statewide contact tracing operation across all 24 of the state’s jurisdictions will be fully operational by next week. To launch this operation, Maryland has more than quintupled its disease investigation capacity, and will have more than 1,400 case investigators statewide. “To support our local health officials, the state has built a […]

Maryland Department of Health encourages parents to bring children’s vaccinations up-to-date amid COVID-19 pandemic

BALTIMORE, MD—The Maryland Department of Health launched a new public service announcement this week encouraging parents to review their children’s scheduled vaccination status and bring them up-to-date on missed vaccinations. MDH is raising awareness based on recent data showing a significant decrease in pediatric vaccination rates both in Maryland and across the United States after a national emergency was declared […]