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Baltimore County Fire Department announces several promotions

TOWSON, MD—The Baltimore County Fire Department this week announced several promotions.

Fire Chief Joanne R. Rund has announced promotions to the ranks of Fire Lieutenant and Fire Specialist.

Congratulations to the following:


  • FS Chad Barben
  • FS Adrian Gladney
  • FADO Kenneth McLaughlin
  • EMT/FF Darnell Roberts
  • FADO Alexander Scott
  • FADO Michael Stone


  • EMT/FF Bryan Dunlap
  • EMT/FF Justin Goodwin
  • EMT/FF Connor Kamps
  • EMT/FF Brady Kiehl
  • EMT/FF Tyler Leeper
  • FADO Evan Schaffer
  • EMT/FF Michael Shone
  • EMT/FF Christian Sosa

These promotions will be effective as of April 22, 2023.

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