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Baltimore-area drinking water deemed safe following chemical spill near Philadelphia

BALTIMORE, MD—Baltimore’s Department of Public Works has deemed drinking water in the Baltimore region as safe following a hazardous chemical spill that occurred in Bristol, Pa. — outside of Philadelphia.

DPW officials have been closely monitoring the situation and confirmed on Wednesday that there have been no reports of the hazardous materials spreading beyond the affected area in Bristol, Pa. According to DPW, the chemical spill that occurred in Pennsylvania does not pose any immediate threat or impact to the Baltimore area.

On March 24, a pipe ruptured at the Trinseo PLC plant in Bristol, Pa. causing an estimated 8,000 gallons of a latex- based solution—a hazardous liquid—to spill into a storm sewer that flowed into the Delaware River. The City of Baltimore’s raw water sources include three reservoirs in Baltimore and Carroll County, plus the Susquehanna River. All of these sources are located in the Chesapeake Bay watershed — and not the Delaware River watershed.

DPW officials will continue to monitor the situation.

Photo via Pixabay

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