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Baltimore County Police Department provides commercial burglary prevention tips

TOWSON, MD—The Baltimore County Police Department has seen a rise in commercial burglaries throughout the county, and police say the best deterrent for burglars is for businesses to be proactive with security.

Below are some tips from BCoPD to help make local businesses less appealing targets:

1. Keep a minimal amount of cash on the premises. Leave cash registers empty and open after hours.

2. Alternate bank deposit locations and vary deposit times.

3. Display signage during after-hours to let thieves know no money is kept on the premises.

4. Consider installing security cameras/alarms around the location. Motion detection cameras and alarms are preferable. Ensure that alarms are connected to 911 for faster response time.

5. Security Monitoring – If equipped, post signage of your security alarm monitoring company on your windows and doors.

6. Lighting – ensure your indoor/outdoor lighting is working correctly to keep the premises well-lit.

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