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Baltimore County Christmas tree recycling collection to begin January 9

TOWSON, MD—Baltimore County will collect live Christmas trees for recycling over a two-week period, beginning on Monday, January 9, 2022.

Pickup dates vary by location and are not scheduled in advance.  Officials say residents must place trees out by January 15 to ensure collection. Christmas trees will not necessarily be collected based on regularly-scheduled trash or recycling days.  Residents should leave out their trees until collection occurs.

Residents should place trees out for pick-up at the same location where they would normally place trash and recycling for collection.

In addition, residents must follow these rules when placing their Christmas trees out to be recycled:

  • Only set out live (not artificial) trees.
  • Set out the tree only (no lights, decorations, tinsel, bags, tree stands, etc.).

Baltimore County collectors will pick up Christmas trees in standard trash and recycling trucks, and deliver them to county facilities to be chipped and later used as mulch. Baltimore County residents who live in an apartment or condominium should follow their property manager’s rules when recycling their Christmas trees.

Residents who wish to drop off Christmas trees themselves may do so. Christmas trees (no lights, decorations, tinsel, bags, tree stands, etc.) may be taken to any one of the county’s three drop-off locations.

For directions to Baltimore County’s drop-off centers, residents may visit the Bureau of Solid Waste Management website or call 410-887-2000.

Photo via Pixabay

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