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Royal Farms store in Nottingham sells winning $50,000 Maryland Lottery scratch-off ticket

NOTTINGHAM, MD—A Harford County  man walked into a Royal Farms store in Nottingham last week for a cold drink and unknowingly walked out with a $50,000 winning scratch-off game.

The lucky winner just wanted to quench his thirst, but while at the store he picked up two scratch-off games including a Cash Bonus ticket. He didn’t play the games until later at home. The first ticket was not a winner, but his Cash Bonus ticket delivered a $50,000 prize.

“I saw the first $10,000 and knew I won, but I still had four other matching spots,” said the winner. “The number just kept going up and up and up. It was very exciting.”

The big winner stayed calm and waited for his wife to come home from work to share the good news. He asked her, “Guess what I won today?”

His wife, who accompanied him to claim the prize, was used to him winning but never this much. “I asked him, ‘Oh, what’s it for, $100?’” she said with a smile. “But, I couldn’t believe when I saw all of the $10,000 prizes on the ticket. I was so happy he won.”

The father of one adult child said he has no immediate plans for his recent winnings. He shared that he plans to save most of it.

“We’ll do a little spending,” his wife added.

The Royal Farms store that sold the winning scratch-off is located at 5361 Nottingham Drive in Nottingham.

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