National Weather Service: Ida spawned 21 tornadoes along destructive path

BALTIMORE, MD—The National Weather Service has confirmed that Ida spawned a total of 21 tornadoes as the powerful storm swept across the U.S. this week.

The system generated one EF-3, three EF-2s, seven EF-1s, and ten 10 EF-0s.

In Maryland, three tornadoes have been confirmed…an EF-2 in Anne Arundel County (Annapolis) that was on the ground for 11.5 miles, an EF-0 in Baltimore County (Fort Howard to Holly Beach) that was on the ground for 6.9 miles, and an EF-0 in Dorchester County (Hurlock) that was on the ground for 4 miles.

The Annapolis tornado caused significant damage, ripping roofs off of homes and damaging schools and other structures.

The state-by-state breakdown is as follows:

  • Alabama – 7
  • Pennsylvania – 5
  • New Jersey – 3
  • Maryland – 3
  • Virginia – 2
  • Mississippi – 1
  • Massachusetts – 1

Photo by isidoor from Pexels

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