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Brood X cicadas begin to emerge in Nottingham, Parkville, Carney

NOTTINGHAM, MD—It’s almost showtime.  The first Brood X cicadas are beginning to emerge in the Nottingham area.

According to the Cicada Safari mobile app, the 17-year visitors are beginning to surface in White Marsh, Nottingham, Parkville, and Carney.

The Brood X cicadas are expected to begin emerging in droves by mid-May and stick around until the end of June.

Last week, Governor Larry Hogan issued a proclamation declaring May and June 2021 as Maryland Magicicada Months to recognize the return of the 17-year periodical cicada. Brood X periodical cicadas are only found in the eastern United States and emerge once every 17 years.

Back in 2004, the last time Brood X made an appearance in the Baltimore area, residents began reporting emergences around May 13th, according to

Once they emerge, the adults will lay their eggs in trees which will hatch 4 to 6 weeks later in more than a dozen states, according to USA Today.

The Brood X cicadas will also be very loud, emitting sounds between 80 and 100 decibels – equivalent to a low-flying airplane or a lawn mower.

Residents can track their appearance via the Cicada Safari mobile app and also at


Brood X 17-Year Cicada

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