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MEMA launches revamped COVID-19 rumor control page

BALTIMORE, MD—The Maryland Emergency Management Agency on Monday unveiled a revamped and redesigned rumor control page that will help visitors more easily find accurate information related to the pandemic and COVID-19 vaccinations. It will also allow users to quickly check the accuracy of potential disinformation, misinformation, and rumors.

The new page can be found online here and at

Visitors to the site will have three choices. They could click on “Vaccine Rumors” to visit the site’s section addressing rumors and misinformation related specifically to the COVID-19 vaccination. Or, they could click on “Virus Rumors” and visit the area of the site devoted to general SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 pandemic rumors. Lastly, they could submit a rumor they have seen or heard by clicking the “Submit a Rumor” button.

“We are aware of the increased volume of inaccurate information regarding the COVID-19 vaccination and are hopeful that the redesigned rumor control page will continue to provide Marylanders with reliable and unambiguous information,” said MEMA Executive Director Russ Strickland. “With public interest focused on the COVID vaccinations, it is a good opportunity to remind Marylanders and visitors to our state about the information resources available to them during this important time.”

The original pandemic rumor control page was unveiled last spring to help provide a centralized location for residents to check the accuracy of information they may have heard or read. The MEMA team worked with the Maryland Department of Health and used information from the Centers for Disease Control and other trusted experts to provide accurate information.

The rumor control page concept was created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a way to combat rumors or intentional misinformation related to disasters and their recovery programs. MEMA has been using rumor control pages and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages to address rumors and common misinformation for several years.

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