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Baltimore County Department of Health launches healthcare provider directory

TOWSON, MD—The Baltimore County Department of Health is inviting healthcare providers to register their practice in the County’s newly-launched Provider Registry. Joining this registry will make it easier for the Department to get information to providers in the county as needed.

“Becoming a part of this registry is certainly a benefit for our providers, and ultimately benefits their patients and our Baltimore County residents,” said Dr. Gregory Wm. Branch, Director and Health Officer. “Most immediately, this tool is helping us to contact providers with information about the COVID-19 vaccine and how they can schedule appointments for themselves and their clinical staff to get vaccinated.”

The state provided all local health departments with their first shipment of the vaccine (100 doses) on December 30, 2020. Baltimore County Department of Health mounted their first COVID vaccination clinic that same evening and successfully vaccinated 100 first responders and frontline healthcare workers as part of the state’s Phase 1 vaccination plan.

The Department is continuing to provide the vaccination to the Phase 1 priority group as additional doses are received. Healthcare professionals providing direct patient care should register information about their practice through the provider portal. Providers should access the registry at

Details on specific groups included in each distribution phase are being determined at the state and local level. The timing of vaccination in each phase depends on vaccine availability and other factors.

At this time, the Department is not able to provide vaccinations to the public. Individuals interested in receiving the vaccine should regularly check the County’s COVID-19 Updates website and social media pages, as well as stay tuned to local media for more information about the process.

“This phase of our response is vitally important. Our provider registry will help us to identify providers to be vaccinated and to stay connected to them as we continue to move forward on all fronts,” said Dr. Branch.


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