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Rosedale mechanic snags winning $30,000 Maryland Lottery scratch-off

ROSEDALE, MD—A Rosedale sign mechanic has snagged a very lucky Maryland Lottery scratch-off. Two weeks ago, a series of seemingly random happenings led him to purchase a lucky $3 instant ticket that wound up being worth $30,000.

His journey to a top-prize scratch-off win began with an early morning drive to work. When the 40-year-old turned on his radio, the weekend radio host was discussing gambling and gaming. Hearing that segment led the Baltimore County man to daydream about winning a big jackpot. That idea stayed in his head, too, even as his work crew began a sign installation.

When it was time for lunch, the player volunteered to pick up lunch orders for the crew at the nearby North Point Diner in Dundalk. He arrived and, while collecting the orders, scanned the counter and saw rows of scratch-offs. After paying for the meals, the sign mechanic had $3 left. His change was just enough to buy a single UNO™ scratch-off.

The player scratched his instant ticket before leaving the store and revealed a series of UNO™ cards. He began matching them up with the game board on the instant ticket. After completing a horizontal line, he then scratched the prize hidden next to it and revealed the $30,000 win.

“Everything just lined up so perfectly, it’s so weird,” said the winner. The happy man credits his prize to his late aunt, who seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to luck. “I really believe that she was a part of this win,” he explained.

The lucky winner plans to celebrate and then use his windfall to pay bills and increase his savings.

The UNO™ scratch-off, which went on sale in June, features thousands of prizes from $3 to $30,000. With this win, the game now has two $30,000 top prizes remaining.

For selling a top-prize winning scratch-off, the North Point Diner, located at 2701 North Point Road in Dundalk, earns a $300 bonus from the Lottery.

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