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Brightview White Marsh celebrates 20th anniversary

NOTTINGHAM, MD—Brightview White Marsh celebrated its 20th anniversary this on Tuesday, October 27th. The senior living community located at 8100 Rossville Boulevard in White Marsh/Nottingham (21236) held a “Baltimore Hon” themed event to remember for both residents and associates.

The celebration featured traditional Baltimore fare including local crab cakes from Angelina’s of Maryland, a restaurant formerly located in Perry Hall that now ships its award-winning crab cakes to customers all over the U.S. Desserts and treats included Tiramisu from the Pastore family, as well as Berger cookie desserts, Utz potato chips, and Natty Boh beer.

Live music was played by local artist Danny Dolan who performed hits from a variety of eras. Attendees sang, clapped and danced, and paused to sing “God Bless America.”

Carlos, a longtime associate at Brightview White Marsh, shared, “I’m very proud of this community. Over the last two decades, we have developed an established, warm-hearted team that offers great service, and maintains such a pristine, beautiful community that we share each and every day with our residents.”

Residents shared their experiences living at Brightview White Marsh, with many of them being grateful for the welcoming atmosphere created by associates and other residents. New friends are easy to make and enjoy spending time with – allowing residents and associates to embrace a whole new network of caring people into their lives.

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