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Maryland Department of Agriculture issues warning about seed packets from China

BALTIMORE, MD—Officials in several states have said that residents are reporting that they’ve received unsolicited packages of seeds in the mail that seem to have some from China.  Authorities are urging the public not to plant them.

Officials say the seeds may be invasive or otherwise harmful to local plants or livestock, according to USA Today.

Some of the packages were labeled as jewelry and may have Chinese writing on them.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture on Monday released the following statement:

“(The Maryland Department of Agriculture) is aware that people across the country, including in Maryland, have received unsolicited packages of seeds from China in recent days. MDA is working closely with its partners at (the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) to monitor this situation.

“If you live in Maryland and have received a package of seeds that you did not order, please report them immediately to the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Plant Protection and Weed Management program at or 410-841-5920.

“Please hold onto the seeds and packaging, including the mailing label, until MDA or USDA APHIS contacts you with further instructions. Do not plant any seeds from unknown origins.”

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