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Councilman Marks to support downzoning area near Carney intersection

CARNEY, MD— Baltimore County Councilman David Marks announced on Wednesday that he will recommend downzoning acreage off Joppa Road near Littlewood Road in Carney to limit infill development in the Cromwood-Coventry neighborhood.

The Baltimore County Council is concluding the Comprehensive Zoning Map Process, during which time the development potential of any property can be changed.

Issue 5-049 includes 3.3 acres of land zoned for 5.5 homes per acre. At the current zoning, this acreage would yield more than 15 homes, notwithstanding environmental limitations. Councilman Marks will recommend the 3.3 acres be downzoned to one home per acre.

Councilman Marks will recommend that the commercial zoning along Joppa Road not be changed.

“This downzoning will take the stress off an older community where there has been pressure for infill development,” said Councilman Marks. “I consulted with the Cromwood-Coventry Community Association and am pleased to endorse their recommendation.”

The rezoning vote will occur in August.

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