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Bill allowing 200 townhomes to be built in Middle River withdrawn

MIDDLE RIVER, MD – A bill that would have allowed approximately 200 townhomes to be built along Ebenezer Road in Middle River has been withdrawn.

Councilwoman Cathy Bevins announced on Monday that she had withdrawn the bill.

“I want to provide an update on Bill 30-19 which I introduced.” Bevins said. “After careful consideration I have decided to withdraw the bill at this time. The bill would have permitted a development as well as a site for a new school on Ebenezer Rd. The lack of adequate school seats has been a challenge for Baltimore County as a whole but particularly in Eastern Baltimore County.”

“I believe the county needs to continue to focus on alleviating the overcrowded schools in the area,” Bevins added. “The county has taken steps to address this issue. The new 725 seat Victory Villa Elementary just finished its inaugural year and a new 1,500-seat Middle School and a new 700-seat Elementary school are slated for the area.”

“However due to a lack of funding from the State and the failure of the Build to Learn Act to pass the State Senate, these projects have been postponed at least a year,” Bevins concluded.

Many local residents have expressed relief at the bill being dropped.

“Thanks to everyone’s hard work and the media coverage we received regarding the community’s concerns, the bill to allow 200 townhouses on the McBride property on Ebenezer Road has been withdrawn,” said resident Ryan Nawrocki. “This is definitely a great victory for the community and shows that when the community works together our voices can’t be ignored.”

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