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Baltimore County 911 Center is hiring

NOTTINGHAM, MD – For those residents who enjoy helping others and serving the community, Baltimore County’s 911 Center is hiring Emergency Communications Technicians.

The 911 Center is staffed by civilian personnel and is a separate agency from the Baltimore County Police Department and Baltimore County Fire Department. All new employees join the 911 Center as Emergency Communications Technician Trainees (ECT-T). They train in one of three disciplines – call-taking, police dispatch or fire dispatch – and will ultimately cross-train in at least one of the others.

New hire training consists of 12 weeks of rigorous classroom education and simulation exercises.

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Those who complete the training will continue by working in the live 911 Call Center with an experienced on-the-job trainer.

A veteran-friendly employer, the 911 Center offers veterans an opportunity to continue serving their communities using the skills they acquired in the military.

Those wishing to pursue this opportunity can learn more by clicking here.

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