Rosedale nursing assistant wins $20K with Md. Lottery scratch-off

20K-Lucky-Bingo-Wright-webAmong the happiest folks at Maryland Lottery headquarters on Tuesday were a Rosedale trio that claimed a $20,000 winning Lucky Bingo scratch-off.

The husband and wife team were joined by his mom to talk about finding good fortune while on a shopping excursion.

Charlene Wright buys scratch-offs occasionally, when she feels luck is in the air. She always had always selected $1 instant tickets – until Monday, December 4.

“I was picking out a $1 ticket yesterday when my husband interrupted me,” she said. A fan or $2 instant games, her husband, Charles, pointed to the $2 Lucky Bingo scratch-off, telling her that it was the game for them.

“I didn’t have a strong feeling one way or the other, so I chose the one he wanted,” she said.

Scratching off her ticket later at home, Charlene wasn’t sure at first just what she was seeing.

“I called my husband over to look and when he told me that we’d won, I refused to believe him.”

The 40-year-old mother of four is happy that her winnings will help make Christmas extra special for the family this year. She slept like a baby the night before they brought the lucky scratch-off to Maryland Lottery headquarters.

“My husband, though, he tossed and turned all night, barely slept at all,” she said. “He couldn’t wait to get here to claim the prize and then get out to the stores. He knows exactly what to get the kids now.”

The $20,000 win is the first gift of this holiday story. The second one goes to Liquor Depot located at 5860 Baltimore National Pike in Baltimore. The Baltimore County retailer earned a $200 bonus for selling the top-prize winning ticket in the game.


Middle River father/son duo keep $20K Md. Lottery scratch-off prize in the family

MD LotteryA Middle River father and son scratch-off duo plan to keep their $20,000 win on a $100 Grand scratch-off from the Maryland Lottery a secret from everyone except those with whom they’ll share the wealth – their immediate family.

The close-knit group includes four brothers who work together in the roofing business. They can thank their lucky stars that their dad is a loyal Maryland Lottery scratch-off player.

He visited Royal Farms #93 at 1915 Belair Road in Fallston on Nov. 24 and made a choice that will give all of them a brighter holiday season. Dad faced a dilemma – put his $10 toward two $5 holiday scratch-offs or buy one $100 Grand instant ticket. Luckily for his family, the grandfather of five selected the $100 Grand game.

He scratched it off in the store and immediately spotted the money sack symbol. Below that symbol were two words every scratch-off player hopes to see: “Win All.”

The lucky player could have added up all 25 prizes on the scratch-off to total his prize but, instead, opted to scan the instant ticket using the store’s ticket checker. The happy winner verified with a clerk that the ticket scanner verdict was correct. Yes, indeed, his prize was so large that he and his son had to bring the scratch-off to Lottery headquarters to claim their prize.

The happy father arrived at the Lottery’s office on Nov. 27 accompanied by his 28-year-old son.

“It is a nice Christmas present,” the father said.

After catching up on bills, the duo will spread the wealth and help the family enjoy a big holiday.

Perry Hall gas station sells winning, $50K Md. Lottery scratch-off

MD LotteryA Bel Air man described to Maryland Lottery officials two encounters with good fortune he experienced on Monday morning.

First, he discovered a conveniently located restroom at a lottery retailer followed by a $50,000 win on a $2,000,000 Fortune scratch-off.

The Harford County salesman was halfway to work when he decided a pit stop was in order.

“One too many cups of coffee, I guess,” he said.

The Perry Hall BP gas station appeared at just the right moment. The 49-year-old father of three spotted the instant ticket vending machine as he headed back to his car.

“I play scratch-offs every once in a while, and all of my recent tickets have been the $2,000,000 Fortune game,” he said. Picking out two of the $30 tickets, Monday’s winner was shocked when he discovered his $50,000 prize.

“When the cashier confirmed the prize for me he gave me a high-five. It was a great moment.”

The $50,000 win wasn’t the end of his luck. In all of the excitement, he almost forgot to play his second instant ticket.

“The $50,000 blew me away,” he said. “But when the other ticket gave me $100 more, it was just astounding.”

Making Christmas extra special for his kids and then super-sizing an already-planned family vacation next year is where the lucky winner will direct his $50,000 prize. His lucky station, Perry Hall BP, is located at 8809 Belair Road.

Overlea retailer sells winning, $30K Md. Lottery scratch-off

MD LotteryA long-standing tradition for a Baltimore husband and wife turned an ordinary day of Maryland Lottery scratch-off fun into an extraordinary one.

Every week, when the husband stops at Nikki’s Discount Liquors, located at 7542 Belair Road, the loyal player purchases three scratch-offs for his wife of more than 50 years. Occasionally, she’ll win a few dollars, but nothing prepared them for last week’s Bingo X3 big win.

“Once she told me she won $30,000, I had to keep checking the ticket over and over again,” said the excited husband. “Then, my wife called my daughter and asked her to guess how much she won. I could hear my daughter on the other end of the phone getting louder and louder as the guesses got larger and larger.”

With the win, the grandparents of seven say they plan to make repairs to the house they have lived in for decades.

This is the first $30,000 top prize claimed on the Bingo X3 scratch-off, which launched in September.