Governor Hogan honors locals at CCBC Essex, tours Franklin Square Hospital

Hogan Rutherford Szczybor
Lt. Governer Boyd Rutherford, Angel Park’s Kelly Szczybor, and Governor Larry Hogan (image via Councilman David Marks)

On Monday, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan held a cabinet meeting at the Community College of Baltimore County’s Essex campus.

The governor, along with Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford, also honored many prominent community volunteers and organizations at today’s meeting.

Among those presented with citations were Angel Park’s Kelli Szczybor, the Back River Restoration Committee, White Marsh resident Robert Romadka Sr. (a community advocate for the White Marsh Volunteer Fire Company), and the Eastern Technical High School soccer team.

Governor Hogan also toured Franklin Square Hospital with Jason Plotkin, president of the Parkville Carney Business Association, and Delegate Christian Miele, both of whom work for the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team in Parkville.

See photos from the events below.

Hogan Rutherford Szczybor
Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford, the Back River Restoration Committee, and Governor Larry Hogan (image via Councilman David Marks)
Hogan Rutherford Romadka
Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford, Robert Romadka Sr., Governor Larry Hogan (image via WMVFC)
Hogan Rutherford Eastern Tech Soccr
Governor Larry Hogan, Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford, and the Eastern Tech Soccer Team (image via Councilman David Marks)
Marks Szczybor
Councilman David Marks and Angel Park’s Kelly Szczybor (image via Councilman David Marks)
Miele Plotkin Hogan Franklin Square 1
Delegate Christian Miele, Jason Plotkin, and Governor Larry Hogan (image via the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team)
Hogan Franklin Square
Image via the Pinder Plotkin Legal Team
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Essex sanitary sewer overflows into Back River

Sewage OverflowA sanitary sewer facility in Essex overflowed in the Back River over the weekend.

At 7 p.m. ET on Saturday, July 16, Baltimore County’s Bureau of Utilities received an alarm indicating that power had been lost leading to the Essex Sewage Pumping Station, located at 328 Riverside Drive.

The power outage, which subsequently halted the station’s operation, was due to a severe thunderstorm passing through the area Saturday evening.

Crews were immediately dispatched to the site in order to connect a temporary, emergency power source to the station’s pumps. Before the connection was completed, the power was restored at 9:12 p.m. At that point the Essex Pumping Station resumed operation. During the two-hour power outage, 751,185 gallons were discharged into Back River.

The Essex Pumping Station which has been renovated and modernized in recent years is served by two electrical feeds to reduce or prevent a system failure. Both feeds were interrupted during the storm.

The Baltimore County Department of Health will monitor water quality at the sites and issue water contact advisories if necessary

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