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Man who bought winning $100,000 Powerball ticket in Rosedale claims prize

ROSEDALE, MD—A $20 quick-pick ticket gave a dedicated Maryland Lottery player his first big prize by delivering a $100,000 Powerball win in the April 4 drawing.

The anonymous winner, who selected the nickname “Bucky Walter” for publicity purposes, says that he’s played Lottery games since the Maryland Lottery’s debut. The Baltimore resident enjoys playing Mega Millions, Powerball, and a number of scratch-off games. This was his first trip to the Lottery Winner’s Circle to celebrate a big win.

The 82-year-old purchased his Powerball ticket from King Liquors, which is located at 8226 Pulaski Highway in Rosedale. He usually buys tickets from another retailer, but, for some reason, got an urge to go to King Liquors and did so.

When “Bucky Walter” first found out that he won, he thought he hit the Powerball jackpot. The retiree was so excited that all he could hear was his heart pounding. His friend, who owns a different Maryland Lottery business that he favors, explained that the third-tier win with a Power Play multiplier of x2 in the drawing doubled the $50,000 prize to “only” $100,000.

The avid player said that even though he was slightly disappointed, he is still grateful that he won at all.

“He said ‘only,’ but $100,000 is still a lot,” said the excited winner. His daughter, who accompanied him to claim his prize, enthusiastically agreed with him.

“Bucky Walter” is still trying to process the fact of his win, so he doesn’t have any solid plans to celebrate just yet.

No one hit the jackpot on April 6 so it rolled to $268 million for the Saturday, April 9 drawing. The estimated cash option is $171 million.

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