Councilman Marks: Proposed Congressional redistricting map divides Baltimore County into ‘gerrymandered districts’

UPDATE: A Maryland judge has tossed out the General Assembly’s newly drawn Congressional district map.

Original story below…


PERRY HALL, MD—On Monday evening, the Baltimore County Council proposed a redistricting map that unifies Towson, shifts Perry Hall and White Marsh into an eastside district, and creates two majority-minority districts on the west side.

Baltimore County Councilman David Marks says that the boundaries of these districts are compact and rational.

“The map is also bipartisan, supported by the four Democrats and three Republicans,” Councilman Marks said on Tuesday.

“By contrast, the proposed Congressional lines…carve Baltimore County into multiple gerrymandered districts,” Councilman Marks added.  “Some of those who have criticized the Council process have been silent about the Congressional gerrymandering.”

The ACLU of Maryland meanwhile, has voiced concerns that the redistricting plan the Baltimore County Redistricting Commission is potentially recommending would “unlawfully dilute Black people’s votes, in violation of the landmark Voting Rights Act,” according to a press release issued in October.

The ACLU is encouraging the redistricting commission to create a second majority Black district.

The redistricting proposal will be discussed at the Baltimore County Council’s work session on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 at 4 p.m.

Both proposed maps can be viewed below…

Baltimore County Redistricting Commission proposed map

Baltimore County Council Proposed Redistricting Map 202111


Congressional proposed redistricting map

Baltimore County Congressional Proposed Redistricting Map 202111


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