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Baltimore County Council passes legislation to lower costs for homeowners connecting to sewer system

TOWSON, MD—On Monday night, the Baltimore County Council passed legislation sponsored by Councilman David Marks that provides significant relief to homeowners who are connecting to the public water or sewer system due to a health situation.

When this occurs, homeowners must pay construction or connection costs. The current law sets the interest rate over the 40-year period at 5 percent. Under the legislation passed tonight, the county can set the rate equal to that of the most recent bond sale. The most recent interest rate was 2.5 percent.

“As Baltimore County’s population ages, it is particularly important to consider the financial burden of these costs on senior citizens and others on fixed income,” said Councilman Marks. “I would like to acknowledge the strong support of the County Executive’s staff who worked with me to craft this legislation. It is truly appreciated.”

Councilman Marks is working to reduce the financial burden of a sewer project in Perry Hall Manor, but this legislation could potentially impact areas throughout Baltimore County.

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