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Nottingham woman claims $17,144 Maryland Lottery prize from Racetrax ticket purchased in Perry Hall

NOTTINGHAM, MD—Playing the numbers of horses that corresponded with elements of her father’s birthday, a Maryland Lottery player from Nottingham picked up two substantial Racetrax wins in a span of a few days. Her first big prize of $17,144 came on September 7 and the second one for $6,500 on September 15.

“I always play Racetrax,” said the lucky Baltimore County woman, who is going by the name “Ynaffit” for purposes of telling her winning tale and remaining anonymous.

The avid Racetrax player wasn’t always so focused on her favorite game. A few years ago, “Ynaffit” spread her money among a few types of games, including scratch-offs. It occurred to her that she was having her best luck betting on Racetrax’s animated horses, so she decided to go all in on that one game.

“That’s all I play, Racetrax,” said “Ynaffit,” as she was claiming her second big prize.

For her first win, the $17,144 score, she played birth date numbers 7, 5, 11 and 1 with a $1 Superfecta bet. When she played on Sept. 15, she mixed it up a little and placed another Superfecta wager on 11, 5, 7 and 1 for the win.

Most of the money is going into “Ynaffit’s” house fund, as the 39-year-old player pursues the American dream. Some of it, however, will be spent when she travels to the Caribbean for a long trip later this year. Meanwhile, she plans to continue to enjoy the thrill of playing Racetrax.

Also getting a thrill from her Maryland Lottery luck is the Perry Hall BP gas station located at 8809 Belair Road. The retailer picks up a bonus of $171.44, equal to 1% of the prize, from the Lottery for selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more.

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