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Maryland Department of Health announces appointment-only COVID-19 testing at additional VEIP sites

BALTIMORE, MD—The Maryland Department of Health, in conjunction with the Maryland Department of Transportation, Maryland National Guard, Maryland State Police, local health departments, and private partners, will continue to offer drive-through COVID-19 testing at Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program sites throughout this week and expand the number of sites available for testing appointments.

There will be a total of five VEIP testing sites open this week, including new sites at the Columbia VEIP in Howard County and White Oak VEIP in Montgomery County. Additionally, sites at the Bel Air VEIP in Harford County, Glen Burnie VEIP in Anne Arundel County, and Waldorf VEIP in Charles County will remain open this week.

Tests will be offered on an appointment-only basis to residents who are symptomatic and at high risk for complications from COVID-19. Patients must have a healthcare provider order and an appointment in order to take a test at a VEIP site.

“As the number of cases rise in Maryland, we are opening these sites to keep pace with the demand for testing. These sites are for residents who are symptomatic and in high risk categories for developing serious illness,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “Like every other state in the nation, we simply do not have enough testing supplies. We need to use our resources wisely.”

To qualify for testing at a VEIP site, individuals must:

  • Meet testing criteria as determined by a licensed healthcare provider.

  • Obtain an order for testing from a healthcare provider.

  • Register online and make an appointment at a test site.

In the weeks ahead, COVID-19 test sites and hours will continue to be determined based on demand and the availability of supplies. Once individuals have a confirmed order from a healthcare provider, they will receive a unique code that they can use to make an appointment at the closest available testing site.

With the exception of the site in Bel Air, each of the VEIP testing sites will use an online appointment process operated by CRISP, Maryland’s health information system. The Bel Air site, which is staffed by professionals from University of Maryland Medical System Upper Chesapeake Health, will continue to use a scheduling process that requires physicians’ offices to schedule appointments via a scheduling hotline. The Bel Air site will have administrative personnel from UM UCH on site to ensure the appropriate process is followed.

At the test sites, individuals will remain in their vehicles with the windows rolled up until it is time to receive their test. Testing requires a clinician to insert a single long q-tip into the back of the person’s nostril for several seconds. Most individuals experience minor discomfort at most.

All tested individuals will receive information with further instructions at the test site and should continue to self-isolate at home while waiting for results, which should be available within approximately seven days. If symptoms worsen, patients should call a healthcare provider immediately. If a test comes back positive, patients must self-isolate for at least seven days from when their symptoms started or three days from the last fever, whichever is longer.

The public should note that the Prince George’s County Health Department is running a similar but separate testing operation at FedEx Field. All patients accessing the FedEx Field testing site, including those with prescriptions from a doctor, must make an appointment through the Prince George’s Health Department’s COVID-19 hotline: 301-883-6627.

Bel Air VEIP (Harford County)
1631 Robin Circle
Forest Hill, MD 21050

Columbia VEIP (Howard County)
6340 Woodside Ct., #1071
Columbia, MD 21046

Glen Burnie VEIP (Anne Arundel County)
721 E. Ordnance Road
Curtis Bay, MD 21226

Waldorf VEIP (Charles County)
28 Henry Ford Circle
Waldorf, MD 20601

White Oak VEIP (Montgomery County)
2121 Industrial Parkway
Silver Spring, MD 20904

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