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Proposal for new homes in Middle River draws criticism

MIDDLE RIVER, MD—Instead of a proposed new sports complex in Middle River, local residents could get something else entirely.

Councilwoman Cathy Bevins’ Bill No. 52-19 to construct a new sports complex along Campbell Boulevard passed through the Baltimore County Council’s legislative session back in November.

Now, however, it seems a proposal is on the table to build 82 single family homes instead. This would be in addition to the hundreds of additional homes that are also planned to be built along Route 43.

With Vincent Farm Elementary School already at over 100 percent capacity, local residents are concerned – despite the fact that the county is already planning to build new schools.

“That line has been used in (this area) for literally 25 years, where they’ve been planning for a new high school since I was a kid,” said local resident Ryan Nawrocki. “Before any additional housing is built there should be new schools in place first, not promises to build schools someday. This is the complete lack of real planning that many of us so strongly disagree with in Baltimore County, but that seems to never change.”

“It’s the actual worst possible outcome,” Nawrocki added.

St. John Properties was to be responsible for the development of the new sports complex, but they are also now proposing the “new homes” option, according to Nawrocki.

The sports complex was to be named after Mike Caruthers, a developer who was working on the project before his passing this past August.

Middle River is just one of many areas in which additional development has parents concerned.

In the area of Fullerton Elementary School, which is at 129 percent of capacity, proposed zoning changes would allow for hundreds of apartments to be built along the Belair Road corridor.

The Middle River project is located on 62 acres of land along Campbell Boulevard.

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