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Councilman Marks co-sponsors legislation to move council work sessions to evenings

UPDATE: The resolution has passed.

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TOWSON, MD—Baltimore County Councilman David Marks will cosponsor legislation that moves the County Council work sessions from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesdays, allowing greater input by the public in the legislative process.

The resolution is cosponsored by Republican Councilman Wade Kach and Democratic Councilman Izzy Patoka.

The resolution was introduced at the County Council meeting on Tuesday, January 21st, and will be voted on at the next meeting on Monday, February 3rd.

Should the resolution pass, it would take effect immediately.

“Since my election to the Baltimore County Council, I have worked to make the legislative process more open to the public,” said Councilman Marks. “Work sessions are now televised, and with this change, many people will not have to take off work to testify on legislation.”

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