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Parkville man wins Maryland Lottery 2020 Cash scratch-off’s top prize

PARKVILLE, MD—The number 21 is now a lucky one for one Parkville man.

Its appearance on his 2020 Cash scratch-off gave the Baltimore County resident the ninth top prize of $20,200 awarded in the $20 Maryland Lottery game.

The 66-year-old, who picked up his winnings without fanfare at Maryland Lottery headquarters, purchased his winning scratch-off from New Samy’s Liquor located at 7927 Belair Road in Fullerton/Nottingham (21236). He scratched off his lucky instant ticket and matched the winning number of 21.

The Maryland Lottery retailer also has a reason to celebrate. The lucky retailer will receive $202, or 1 percent of the prize, as a bonus from the Maryland Lottery for selling a top-prize winning scratch-off in the game.

The 2020 Cash instant ticket went on sale Nov. 18 with more than $48 million in cash prizes. Officials say there are still 203 unclaimed $20,200 top prizes and 449 $2,020 second-tier prizes awaiting discovery, along with thousands of other prizes ranging from $20 to $220.

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