Baltimore County’s new bloodhound named in tribute to Officer Caprio

UPDATE: Rae has died unexpectedlyRae has died unexpectedly.

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TOWSON, MD—The furriest new member of the Baltimore County Police Department has been given a name.

Though she is called K9 Rae for short, her official name is Miss Mutzy Rae Daisy of Baltimore County – a name chosen thoughtfully and filled with pride and tradition.

A pure bred dog, whose lineage can be traced back multiple generations, can be registered with the American Kennel Club under a name that pays homage to family ties.

“Daisy” is her mother’s name, and “Rae” comes from the lineage of Deep Hearted Bloodhounds, the kennel in Loudonville, Ohio where she was born. The kennel has a long history of raising working bloodhounds, and have placed dogs all over the world.

The two most important elements of her name are “Baltimore County” and “Mutzy,” and both were suggested by the family of POFC Amy Sorrells Caprio, one of BCoPD’s fallen heroes. They wished to honor the new K9 by noting who she will be serving – the citizens of Baltimore County – just as Amy did, and honor her spirit with “Mutzy,” after Amy’s beloved stuffed pet from the age of two.

Mutzy became a constant in Amy’s life, helping her throughout her school years, through the police academy, and during injuries and surgeries. According to her family, Amy found comfort, support and security in Mutzy even during the most trying times. Her family knows that K9 Miss Mutzy Rae Daisy of Baltimore County will do the same. Just as Amy committed herself to the service of others, our newest bloodhound will be there for those who need her and help continue Amy’s unfinished work.


K9 Rae has started her training to become a search and rescue dog. The training program focuses on developing the dog’s natural abilities, starting with chasing someone she can see and rewarding her with a combination of praise and her favorite food treat.

Historically, bloodhounds have been used as tracking and training dogs for centuries, thanks to their keen sense of smell and ability to focus. In Baltimore County, our bloodhounds are used mainly in a search and rescue capacity. Their tracking skills, combined with their gentle nature, makes them an ideal resource for helping to locate missing and lost people.

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