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Councilman Marks: Klausmier Road traffic light to be installed by end of 2019

NOTTINGHAM, MD—The new traffic light at Klausmier Road and Belair Road should be installed in either November or December, Baltimore County Councilman David Marks announced on Thursday.

“When the Klaumeier Farm development was proposed, I created a task force to examine ways to improve mobility in that part of Perry Hall,” Councilman Marks said. “Every single recommendation is being implemented. Funding is included in the budget for a parking lot expansion at Gunpowder Elementary School next summer. Thanks to a citizen-supported petition, speed bumps were installed on Klausmier Road, and now the traffic light is being placed at Belair Road, where motorists constantly complain about not being able to turn left.”

Councilman Marks shared the email he received from the Maryland State Highway Administration.

“State engineers reviewed this intersection and concluded a light was needed here,” Marks said. “While some may not want a light, the professional engineers agreed with many residents it was needed.”

The email from SHA follows:

“Dear Councilman Marks,

The new signal on US 1 (Belair Road) at Klausmier Road has an scheduled completion date of 11/18/19, but we are having issues with delivery of the signal poles. It now looks like the signal poles will not be delivered until the end of November, which would put us beyond the expected completion date. While we work through that, the contractor has completed the underground work, sidewalk, marking, poured foundations and installed the meter pedestal. Provided power is connected by the time the poles arrive, we should be able to complete the project late December 2019, weather permitting.

Unfortunately, we are having similar problems on many of our projects. It is now taking as long as six months to receive steel poles from the manufacturer after the order is placed.”

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