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Councilman Marks: public meeting on MCC treated wastewater plan ‘a good start’

NOTTINGHAM, MD – Councilman David Marks on Tuesday morning said he was prepared to drop his opposition to the proposed Mountain Christian Church wastewater treatment facility under certain conditions.

A lively public debate ensued last month after Gunpowder Riverkeeper expressed concerns over the proposal, which calls for pumping approximately 5,000 gallons per day of potable effluent (treated wastewater) into an unnamed tributary that feeds into Little Gunpowder Falls near the Jericho Road covered bridge.

Councilman Marks initially wrote a formal letter opposing the plan.

Mountain Christian Church then issued a statement clarifying that they were “pursuing approval for…a state-of-the-art Wastewater Treatment process using a high tech system which will, in fact, significantly upgrade the current wastewater disposal process in order to protect the environment.”

“Our permit application does not signal some new thing that will pose a threat to the environment as some have misunderstood; to the contrary,” Mountain Christian’s statement added. “It is evidence of “our commitment to and compliance with the highest possible standards of environmental care and concern.”

Councilman Marks agrees.

“This is a good start,” Marks told on Tuesday morning. “I thank the state for answering our call for more input.  I will drop my opposition to the permit if the environmental requirements sought by the Gunpowder Riverkeeper are met.”

For information on the public meetings that will be held to discuss this proposal, click here.

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