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Belair Road liquor store sells winning $100K Md. Lottery scratch-off

100K Power 8s Senior Belair RoadOVERLEA, MD – A Baltimore great-grandmother’s favorite scratch-offs were all sold out at the Maryland Lottery retailer she visited recently. Instead, the 71-year-old bought a Power 8s game and won $100,000 to power up her retirement fund and help finance a new car.

The loyal player found her lucky ticket at The Liquor Store located at 6130 Belair Road near Overlea (21206).

“I don’t really have a set place where I play the Maryland Lottery. Wherever I go, if I have some money in my pocket, I buy my usual scratch-offs,” said the excited great-grandmother. “I don’t believe I have ever played Power 8s before. I’m still shaking. This is amazing!”

Nicknamed the “Power 8s Senior,” the retired state employee said she didn’t scratch the instant ticket at the store. Instead, the Baltimore native took the $10 game home, sat down and scratched off the first line on the ticket. She saw an “8” and the $100,000 prize.

“I knew I was an instant winner,” said “Power 8s Senior.” “I started screaming, ‘No! No! No!’ ”

Wanting to verify her $100,000 win, the sewing enthusiast and avid bingo player sent a photo of the lucky scratch-off to her sister. Her sibling reviewed the image on her phone and then ran to tell her husband the great news.

“To think this all happened because the games I would normally play were sold out,” said “Power 8s Senior,” laughing. “Now I can buy a car and get something special for my grandkids!” She also plans to boost her retirement fund with the windfall.

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