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Monkton tornado confirmed by NWS

Weather AlertMONKTON, MD – The National Weather Service has confirmed that an EF-1 tornado touched down in the Monkton area during a storm that swept through Maryland on Friday afternoon.

A NWS storm survey confirmed that the tornado began at about 3:19 p.m. on Corbett Road between Monkton Farms Drive and Falls Road, and ended at 3:23 p.m. near the intersection of Shepperd Road and MD 562/138 Troyer Road.

The storm damage occurred along a path 100 to 150 yards wide. The damage was limited mainly to several dozen softwood trees, several of which broke and fell as a result of the winds. Numerous large limbs were scattered throughout the affected area.

No injuries were reported.

Based on the observed damage, NWS estimates maximum wind speeds of 90 mph. EF-1 tornadoes involve wind speeds of 86 to 110 mph. Wind speeds higher than 90 mph will cause damage to sturdy structures, including loss of shingles or siding; such damage was not observed along the path of this tornado.

Tornadoes are ranked according to the “Enhanced Fujita Scale,” with EF-0 the weakest (65 to 85 mph winds) and EF-5 the most violent (more than 200 mph).

Local officials remind Baltimore County residents that severe thunderstorms with tornadoes and/or damaging straight-line winds occur here occasionally and require everyone to understand tornado terminology.

A “watch” means conditions are right for tornado formation; a “warning” means rotation has been spotted on radar or a tornado has been sighted.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides helpful information about what to do when tornadoes threaten.

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