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Parkville woman claims winning $775K Multi-Match ticket

Multi MatchThe woman who won last week’s $775,000 Multi-Match jackpot after buying a ticket in Carney has claimed her prize.

Although she learned of her good luck at the start of a busy day, the local insurance agent maintained her composure and gave no one a clue that Maryland Lottery luck had come her way.

The Parkville resident plays Multi-Match twice a week, every week, she told Maryland Lottery officials. She was on her way home from work last Thursday with plans to pick up dinner along the way. Suddenly, she noticed the Maryland Lottery sign at NP Liquors in Carney.

“I hadn’t gotten my Multi-Match tickets yet, so I stopped there,” she said.

The 52-year-old did so at the right place at the right time. One of the four quick-pick tickets she purchased on Jan. 24 would bring about one heck of a Friday morning after she woke up and checked the winning numbers.

“I scanned my first three tickets with the Lottery app; none were winners. When I scanned the last one, I started shaking.”

Scanning the ticket again and again, the lucky lady kept seeing the $775,000 prize come up.


“I’d used the app 100 times so I understood what was happening, but I just couldn’t believe it.”

She put the winning ticket in her purse and went about her day, which included a lunch meeting.

“I worried that everybody I talked to must have been able to tell how crazy I was on the inside, but I pulled it off,” she said. At one point, she left her purse behind as she stepped away to the restroom. “When I realized it, I had to keep myself from running back to the table.”

The loyal player plans to use the $775,000 Multi-Match prize from the Jan. 24 drawing to help her daughter afford home renovations. She also wants to pay off bills for others in her family.

The lucky mom doesn’t plan to change her playing habits, which could lead her back to NP Liquors at 8860 Waltham Woods Road. That lucky retailer can also celebrate. For selling a jackpot-winning ticket, the retailer earns a bonus of $1,000 from the Maryland Lottery.

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