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Marks, Cluster, Miele: Planning underway to relieve congestion at busy White Marsh intersection

traffic-signalBaltimore County Councilman David Marks and Delegates Joe Cluster and Christian Miele announced on Monday that the State Highway Administration would advance a plan to reduce congestion at the intersection of White Marsh Boulevard and Honeygo Boulevard.

In response to Councilman Marks, SHA District Engineer Wendy Wolcott wrote the following:

“You will be happy to know that there are planned improvements for this intersection to help reduce congestion and improve overall safety. Design is currently underway for a project to widen the intersection to provide a second right turn lane and a third left turn lane along westbound MD 43; a third through lane along eastbound MD 43; a second right turn lane along northbound Honeygo Boulevard; and a third left turn lane and a shared right/through lane along southbound Honeygo Boulevard.”

The project is currently under design and the State Highway Administration is optimistic it will be funded for construction after the design is complete.

“This announcement is wonderful news for any motorist who sits stuck in traffic at one of our most gridlocked intersections,” said Councilman Marks.

“We appreciate the Hogan administration’s strong support for this project, as well as other improvements throughout northeastern Baltimore County,” Delegate Cluster added.

“These improvements will help break up a major bottleneck for tens of thousands of motorists every day,” Delegate Miele concluded. “We will support this project through construction.”

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