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Parkville woman wins $30K Keno prize

MD LotteryAfter placing flowers on her mom’s gravesite on Mother’s Day, a Baltimore County woman had a strong feeling that good fortune was coming her way.

Her premonition came true the following week when she won $30,000 playing Keno.

The Parkville resident found her Lottery luck at Perry Hall BP in Baltimore.

“I believe my late mother, who passed away when I was a child, wanted me to have this money because I really don’t play the Lottery a lot,” she said. “That’s why I decided to play a combination my parents’ birthdays.”

The lucky lady placed an 8-spot bet for 10 drawings and included the Bonus multiplier feature. Her winning numbers for May 23 were 5, 10, 19, 49, 50, 58, 59 and 80; the 3x Bonus tripled her prize.

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“I have a really big bill that I’ve been wanting to pay off for a few years,” she said. “Now I can! This is such a blessing and a miracle for me. Thank you, mom.”

Her lucky Lottery retailer is also a winner. For selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 or more, Perry Hall BP located at 8809 Belair Road earns a bonus of $300 from the Lottery.

The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.

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