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Baltimore County officials warn of Jury Duty scam

Scam AlertLocal officials are warning residents of a new scam that has surfaced in Baltimore County.

The “Jury Duty” scam targets those in the legal profession.

In one case, officials say the victim received a voicemail message from a “lieutenant” in the Baltimore County Sheriff’s Office with instructions to call him immediately. When the victim called the number, a voicemail message stated that the victim had reached the Sheriff’s office and the deputy would call back.

Eventually the two connected and the “lieutenant” told the victim that a judge had issued a bench warrant because the victim had failed to attend a “grand jury indictment hearing” that morning. The victim told the suspect that there was no evidence of a summons. The suspect replied that the summons was sent to the victim’s office in Baltimore and that he had a signed receipt verifying the delivery. The “lieutenant” went on to say the matter was a civil suit between “two individuals” and that was all he could say.


The suspect told the victim to meet him in Towson and told the victim to bring a “bond voucher” or MoneyPak from a CVS or office supply store in the amount of $1,868.

The victim suspected a scam when the suspect said to meet him in a garage.

Officials say residents will never be called and asked for money, and residents would not be expected to pay a fine in MoneyPak cards.

Anyone who believes they have been targeted by this scam should call the Baltimore County Police Department’s Financial Crimes Unit at 401-887-2190.

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