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Prank calls being made using Maryland State Police phone number

Scam AlertAfter receiving multiple calls on Thursday from people as far away as Hawaii, Maryland State Police investigators are making it known that unknown suspects are apparently using a web-based service to make prank calls throughout the country that appear as if they are from the State Police Criminal Enforcement Division.

Some people are reporting they received an automated message informing them that an “internet crime has been committed” and they are instructed to contact the Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division at 410-953-8200.

Others reported that when they answered the phone, they were met with silence and the number on their caller ID was 410-953-8200.

While the number shown on caller ID is the correct phone number for the Criminal Enforcement Division, Maryland State Police are not making any such calls. Persons receiving this phone call should hang up and ignore the instructions.


Individuals receiving the calls and contacting Maryland State Police on Thursday have been from Hawaii, Texas, New York, and Maryland.

There is no apparent connection to extortion or theft, but the calls do cause unneeded concern and inconvenience for the victims and for police.

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