Police investigating 2 robberies, attempted robbery

robberyPolice are investigating two robberies and an attempted robbery that were reported on Saturday.

At just before 9 a.m., an armed individual robbed a man of his his cell phone, jacket, and wallet in the area of Berkshire Road and Magnolia Terrace in Essex (21221). The suspect then fled the scene.

At about 5:20 p.m., a man told another man that he was going to go through the his pockets in the area of Eastern Boulevard and North Marlyn Avenue in Essex (21221). The suspect then struck the victim twice and fled the scene on foot. Nothing was taken from the victim.


At 8 p.m., a juvenile suspect stole a cell phone from another juvenile at White Marsh Mall. The suspect was subsequently arrested.

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Author: Chris Montcalmo

Chris Montcalmo is a mortgage banker, musician, entrepreneur, and part-time journalist. He has written for Blippitt and Wild Pitch Sports and is the former founder at the Baltimore News Journal. Chris founded NottinghamMD in March, 2016.