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Overlea retailer sells winning, $30K Md. Lottery scratch-off

MD LotteryA long-standing tradition for a Baltimore husband and wife turned an ordinary day of Maryland Lottery scratch-off fun into an extraordinary one.

Every week, when the husband stops at Nikki’s Discount Liquors, located at 7542 Belair Road, the loyal player purchases three scratch-offs for his wife of more than 50 years. Occasionally, she’ll win a few dollars, but nothing prepared them for last week’s Bingo X3 big win.

“Once she told me she won $30,000, I had to keep checking the ticket over and over again,” said the excited husband. “Then, my wife called my daughter and asked her to guess how much she won. I could hear my daughter on the other end of the phone getting louder and louder as the guesses got larger and larger.”

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With the win, the grandparents of seven say they plan to make repairs to the house they have lived in for decades.

This is the first $30,000 top prize claimed on the Bingo X3 scratch-off, which launched in September.

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